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Hey beautiful people! It's your boy Joshua Martin. I wanted to share with you all a video from my most recent trip to Savannah, Georgia. If you've been following me on IG, you know it has been a struggle editing this video on Final Cut Pro X, but I finally got through it.



Hey beautiful people! I wanted to share with you all a quick reel from my past projects in 2016. This is a way for me to look back on what blessings I've had, which will now propel me to do even more work in 2017!


South Pointe Pier is a beautiful place to watch the sunset and see the city skyline. 

I created this video about my insecurities. My weight seems to be everyone's first impression. This is common for everyone, large or small. Lets be vulnerable and get to know the person beyond the body. We all share some insecurities about ourselves.
Throne of Fire is a visual concept which I derived from Daniel 7:9. Verses 1-8 talk about the various beasts that Daniel sees, one conquering after the other. But in verse 9, it describes a much greater power, "The Ancient of Days".

Experimenting with my Nikon D750 Time-lapse features while in Zambia.





Mission: Zambia is a series of stories that follow Pastor Taurus Montgomery of Harbor of Hope, Pastor in training Rodney Osborne, and the National Association of the Prevention of Starvation, NAPS. This non-profit missionary group mission is to spread love, food, aid and the message of God. 



Artistry, a mini documentary series that tells the story of artists finding their way in the world. The goal is to share their thought process, their fears, successes, and goals. In a broader context, it will help continue my learning and yours as we all shape and grow into our craft.