Joshua Martin Studios


Artist Statement

Throne of Fire is a visual concept which I derived from Daniel 7:9. Verses 1-8 talk about the various beasts that Daniel sees, one conquering after the other. But in verse 9, it describes a much greater power, "The Ancient of Days". God is called many names in the bible, but this was my first time reading this name of God. It struck a cord with me and did not leave my thoughts. Verse 9 continues to describe "The Ancient of Days" ... "Whose garment was white as snow" ... "His throne was like the fiery flame". At the time of reading this, I don't know how I could tie in the proper visuals. At this point I've already photographed a couple of time lapse. As I revisited the images, it hit me right there. Using various time-lapses of clouds as the medium would fill my visual need. The 5 month journey began, going out almost every evening after work to see if there was a amazing sunset. Out of the many time-lapses I captured, only six made it to my picture lock. I hope you will enjoy and I encourage you to read Daniel 7 and also Matthew 24:30, "...and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory."

The Process