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We have a something to show you guys! #PARENTING

Hey beautiful people! It's your boy Joshua Martin
Hola mi Gente! It's your girl Ivony

We are thrilled to share with you part II of the vlog, including some exciting news that we can't wait to spill! It's so hard trying to keep quiet about it but if you want to know, watch the entire video! We would love to see your likes, read your comments and get you subscribed if you haven't already! 

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Rearranging my apartment #ADULTING

I've attempted vlogging many times over the course of two years. I start really and consistent for a week or two, but it comes crashing down because of work, health, or just me being lazy. The idea of telling my day to day story through video has always integrated me, so it does depress me when I am not being consisted. But I am not going to complain about, I will be about it! I don't expect myself to do daily vlogs, but I will produce videos about my life! Especially since my fiancé, Ivony is here in Miami for the summer. So our goal is to share some moments from our day to day tasks and photography adventures.

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As Night Falls

Hey, beautiful people! This will probably be the shortest blog post you'll ever read. That's because there isn't much to say other than DOWNLOAD a FREE WALLPAPER! Some of you are familiar with my "As Night Falls" series. Last time I attempted a free download, the process was complicated (forgive me #prayhands). This should be much easier! 

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