Joshua Martin Studios


Artist Statement

I wanted BÄDĒ to convey the meaning of perseverance and hard work, which can be any persons reachable goal, physically and mentally. This is a testament to the perseverance I had to learn for this year long project.

BÄDĒ is an exploration of the athletic human form through the medium of photography. Utilizing a highly refined post production process that amplifies the musculature and definition of the human form in a sculptural and kinetic fashion. BÄDĒ expresses my fascination with the physical and mental transformation that takes place to reach ones ultimate potential. Uniquely, I photographed my subjects with one light and a white card or black card. Traditional athletic body photographs have multiple lights. I wanted to experiment with a one directional light source, which creates various tonal ranges on the skin, from bright whites to black shadows. This
creates a more three dimensional image on a two dimensional plain.

BÄDĒ was influenced by several photographs like Howard Schatz, Carlos Sarrao, and Joel Grimes. I incorporated various styles from editorial and fine art, this helped me develop my own vision. The fine art qualities can be viewed by the sculptural composition. Each image is intentionally posed, conveying a quite yet dynamic image. The use of kinetic images bring attention to the musculature in action, which were influenced by different editorial styles.

BÄDĒ will be a continuing exploration for my understanding of the athletic form and I intend this body of work to increase my marketability within the sports advertising genre.